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China KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD certification
China KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD certification
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Excellent factory provide the high quality products and excellent customer service.

—— Grace

Hello, We are based in Canada. Our company is interested in ordering Tungsten Carbide YG6 3D Printer Nozzles. Are customized nozzles available if drawings are provided? Do you offer customized packaging?

—— Boateng

Good job. Very professional supplier.

—— Alex

The product quality is very good, the delivery time is on time.

—— Ben

  • Production Line

    Production Line


    Carbide is a composite material including of particles mainly with tungsten carbide as hard material and a metallic binder . For this reason , with carbide it is possible to achieve hardness and toughness combinations which can’t obtained with other materials .



    Both tungsten carbide and cobalt powders come from carefully selected suppliers, and each batch is carefully tested in the laboratory.

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    2、Ball Milling

    Due to its high melting point tungsten carbide (WC)can only be produced through sintering when needed for technically sophisticated applications . For this purpose , the powder consisting of the tungsten carbide ,the cobalt binder and sometimes additional alloys is mixed , milled and spray-dried .

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    3、Spray Drying

    This process results in a spray-dried granulate which can easily be used for production ,since its chemical and physical properties have already been adapted to the final carbide specification.The spray drying helps to dry the abrasive slurry, making the particle size more uniform, improving the metallurgical structure, and allowing the matrix insert to have higher strength.

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    By applying pressure the carbide powder is converted into a blank .
    Each production is weighed and controlled by the operator at certain intervals to ensure high precision of the carbide.

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    The sintering process converts the blank into a homogeneous piece of carbide with a high degree of hardness .When sintering hard metal (usually at a temperature of approx.1400 c ) , this process is called liquid phase sintering . In this case ,the binder (e.g. cobalt ) melts and wets the WC hard material particles .After sintering , the density of the carbide is almost , or even precisely, the same as the theoretical density . Any residual porosity which occurs after the sintering procedure may be removed through an ensuring HIP process .

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    After sintering, grinding is performed to make the surface of the product smoother and more beautiful, so that the accuracy of the product meets the requirements.

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    KLT CARBIDE CO.,LTD factory production line 6



    After the production is completed, it will be sent to the quality management department and laboratory for inspection to ensure the quality of the product.

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    About OEM/ODM


    OEM service is accepted , please provide the following details ;


    1. Drawing or samples.

    2. The objective of machining , so we can provice the suitable material .

    3. Quantity , it's important for us to decide the cost .

    4. Speical requirement


    The delivery of OEM items is normally range from 30 to 40 days , Our sales manager will confirm everything with you before production .





  • R&D



    We have a large professional and experienced R & D team with bright ideas, and we have supplied professional solutions to customers from many countries around the world.


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